Payment Plans


The payment plans with Petro of Long island vary and give you an option to pay weekly or monthly. The services from Petro last all year long and keep your heating and air conditioning going strong. With Petro you get some extras with services from Petro. For instance, signing up with Petro gives you CAREĀ® and ProGuardā„¢ environmental protection plans. This is part of the package and it doesn’t really cost any extra to get.

With each service that you choose from Petro you get the benefit. Choosing the Heating option gives you affordable financing options and tune-ups. Using tune-ups can ensure that any service you use with Petro stays “up-to-date”. Air Conditioning and Home Cooling Services from Petro gives you energy-efficient equipment from leading brands like Bryant and Fujitsu.

download (4)All the benefits from using Long Island oil companies specifically Petro give you an at ease mind state to know that you are protected within the company and your finances are taken seriously with Petro. Petro gives you the option of a finance plan with all services offered. Who doesn’t like a little extra when you purchase a product? Petro gives you everything in between. When working with Petro you work with the best Long island oil company.